why is autistic spectrum

so different and people have such trouble

relating another person on spectrum?

the way i visualise it is like a circle and stars,

a circle within in which is normal

and on or towards the edge and well outside

and within are stars which are spectrum.

the nature of stars is to be well spaced and apart,

there is little likeness between the stars

except as stars, whereas "normal", the dots

within the circle, a reasonable likeness can be expected.

i actually think my interest in spectrum was/is

a looking for likeness, you can find people with

strong streaks of likeness, or even quite like,

but the differences sorta outweight things.

particularly, where there is a strong streak

of similarity, but dissimilarity also, there

is a sorta manic antagonism that really only

dissipates after a lot of friction and starting

to see the other as a person.

amazingly two stars can be semi-co-incident.